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                    Safety Devices

                    Including Safety Hypodermic Needle, Safety Insulin Pen Needle, Safety Scalp Vein Set and Syringe with Safety Needle

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                    Injection Devices

                    Hypodermic Needle, 3-part syringe, Blunt Fill Needle. Our products are using self-made Cannulas, high technology automatic machines.

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                    Dental Devices

                    With self-made Cannula for dental application. Available in different gauges and lengths. Perfectly fitting with dental cylinder ampoule syringe

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                    Diabetic Devices

                    Ultra Thin Needle covered with fine layer of silicone to allow it passing through the skin easily with less pain.

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                    Exhibition Preview

                    Medica Düsseldorf Hall 7.1 D06-1

                    18th-21st November, 2019


                    We provide individualized customer serives, including OEM and Private label services of your medical devices.

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                    Please download our brochure. If you are interested in our products, services and would like additional information, please contact us.

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